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Title/Catch Phrase: Primum non Nocere
OOC Name: Squeeji
Character Age: 38
Time Zone: -5
How did you find us?:
Nickname: Adam, actual name is Addison Linton Jr. But he wasn't about to be called Addie.
Hometown: Vancouver, BC (via Bath, England)
Equipment: - Slightly used Medical Trama Kit.
- A few changes of clothes (necessity at his size!)
- Dog earred copies of some Tolkien books.
- Spare pair of glasses
- Safety razor and a bar of soap.
- Pair of wedding rings on a chain.
- Dead phone w/charger
- A few sentimental photographs
History: Adam will point out first and foremost that he's not from around these parts, he came from a rather notable, but declining family in Bath. He wasn't raised as a boy with great wealth, comfortable yes, but the family Linton couldn't afford the to send their only son off to the finishing schools that most of their ilk went to. Which served to be of some blessing in disguise, even though he had lamented not having ended up in one of the most prestigious schools in England, but he did well enough where he was, because to what little was offered, little was expected...and he didn't want the sort of life that came with rich expectations. The freedom was fantastic really. Brilliant.

Adam was terribly clever getting high marks and showing great promise even though he had proven early he had a wanderlust that would take him from the family homestead at some point. Even though he should have settled down, should have taken more responsibility hell...he should have done a lot of things, but he didn't. Still came to some surprise when his father told him to never come back after a heated phone argument. And always the agreeable and passive aggressive sort- Adam didn't come back and he cut all ties a stranger in a strange land. No reason to stay, no reason to go.

Bitter as he was, he grew from a helpful young man to a helpful but much wiser old one. No longer a child from what he had witnessed. He managed through a certification program, then pre-Med with all the possiblity of becoming a a full-fledge doctor, but having grown too humble to become anything more than a EMT. A symbol perhaps of a man who had no land, no home and no real name for himself, when once he had everything. He could have more, but there was no reason, since it could be there in an instant, but moreso...gone in a flash. There was no need for more when what he had- it was all good enough.

Always more successful with books than he was with women, Adam was a strange man, and considered a confirmed bachelor by most- until he found someone as lovely and weird as himself. They were married just this last November. Time healed wounds in funny ways, he simply had grew so focused he lost sight of everything else, a man who's life became overcome by his need to assist those who needed him and forget the past. But he found himself for the first time thinking of the future...

Which was short lived.

When the plague came, he couldn't save anyone. As first response, he could do nothing but watch them die. One after another, just death after death. An endless cavacave of futility that he couldn't stop. Each and every person stricken with the plague he took as a personal blow each taking a little bit more and more away from him- as though his only purpose was to shuttle the sick and dying to their final rest. He tried to be there for every single one of those people with a smile before the inevitable. Not sure that he could feel worse even if he wanted to...until the plague followed him home. Taking his future with him.
Adam has made a vow to make up for those he couldn't save by helping those who are alive now. He has his duty to the people. Good people who need his abilities like he needs them. Because while he still smiles- service is it's own reward, but it's a nice from trying to do the impossible... Put his life back together now that he's truly lost everything.
Skills/Flaws: SKILLS
- A skilled Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) with at least a decade of experience.
- Has a pleasant bedside manner.
- Can dance very well (not that it's a quantifiable trait).
- Throws a punch like a champ.
- Remembers things easily (notably below in the wrong order).

- Adam is 6'11" and suffers for it, he has some joint issues and a bit of a heart murmur (which will doubtlessly get worse as he gets older). Nevermind finding clothes on a rack or clearing a doorway...yeesh.
- Has a lousy memory and concept of time...things sort of bleed together for him, he'll remember it perfectly but chronologically not so much.
- That said his memory for nerdy movie scripts and rap lyrics is absolutely embarrassing and *SHOULD* be considered a flaw.
- Clumsy in motion, sort of a hapless on his feet sort.
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