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Title/Catch Phrase: Please be Strong
OOC Name: Eizer
Character Age: 20
Time Zone: GMT -5 Eastern
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Nickname: Mina
Hometown: Québec City, Québec
Equipment: Wears:
Black Sleeveless Top
Lace-Accent Peplum Top
Duck-Down Drawstring-Waist Coat
Patterned Scarf
Zip-Trim Harem Pants
Genuine Leather Buckled Padded Boots

In backpack:
Whatever food she can find
Spare pair of Socks and Underwear
Two large bottle of water
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Bar of soap
Bottle of shampoo and conditioner
Small First aid Kit
History: Ming Na Leung was born from a relationship between Tian Jun Leung and Mi Oh Yung, both Chinese immigrants from Hong Kong. She is actually Wei Fei Leung half-sister that he doesn't know about. Her father hid her from his half brother and did his best so she would live a normal life with her mother. With her father backing them with more money that they needed, Ming Na, or Mina as her family and friends calls her, lived like a normal child in Quebec city.

Living with her mother, Mina grew up only seeing her father once or twice every few months or so. She didn't hate him as she thought that he was just working elsewhere and couldn't come see her as much as he would like to. In fact, she respect him for being there and not just leaving her family without anything.

Growing up, Mina had a knack for languages. Not only did she knew Cantonese, French and English. She also learned Mandarin and Korean by reading books and thanks to the wonders of the internet. Her mother was also very good and learned to speak various languages with her daughter.

She was also very gifted at school and passed with flying colors. She was a bit of a loner though, she had few friends but that was okay with her. She had her books and the internet and that was enough for her.

Soon after her 20th birthday, the plague began to spread and his father was getting sicker by the day. Her mother died very soon and with him being sick, Tian Jun gave her a picture of her half-brother and asked her to find him so he could protect her hoping that he was still alive.

Armed with his picture and a backpack, she took one of the last planes to Vancouver before the Plague spread and is now looking for her brother not knowing that he was now in Crow Station. Unfortunately for her, she has little survival skills and might get in trouble very often in her new journey.
Skills/Flaws: Mina knows five languages Cantonese, Mandarin, French and English and Korean. She is also skilled in Mathematics and has the various knowledge of a college graduate.
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Ming Na Leung


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Sep 14 2015, 04:48 PM
Mina was walking alongside Jamie on a snow covered road of the city of Vancouver. She wasn't very happy though. Two days ago, Ziggy, who was traveling with Jamie, committed suicide. The poor girl who was very sick took Mina's gun and her only bullet and shot herself one night just outside the shelter they were sleeping in. The bang woke them up and when they went to see what caused that noise, it was already too late. Mina cried upon seeing the blood pouring out of the girl's head onto the snow painting it crimson. Even today, that image haunted her. She saw death before, but a suicide? It was a first for her. And it was hard for her. She kept thinking and imagining how she woke up and got out to shoot herself. Sure, she didn't saw her do it but she could very clearly imagine it and that image alone was enough to make her shiver.

And she didn't even knew her for a long time and they weren't exactly friends to begin with but still. She knew that she was sick, very so but Mina really wished that she would had passed in her sleep or something more peaceful. All she could say to comfort herself was thinking that she most likely didn't felt pain when she pulled the trigger. However, with her doing so, they were left with a gun and no bullets to defend themselves. Not that she had the intention of shooting anyone, she wasn't that brave. But she still kept the gun after all that. If anything, they can hope that other people would leave them alone upon seeing that gun. If not, well, they would be in deep trouble.

So there they were, together alone. And it was very cold as well. Mina was walking side by side with Jamie and was even holding his arm close to her small body. But she didn't say anything. She was just walking slowly, not really knowing where they were going. She hoped that he had a plan and wasn't just aimlessly moving along too. She forgot how many hours they were walking. It was hours already right? She had no clue. But so far, they did not meet anyone hostile. In fact, they didn't met anyone at all. Which was a good thin in a sense. Sure, they would love to meet someone willing to give them shelter and all this but the chances were quite slim. Way too slim to her liking.

And thus, it was the two of them walking and walking. Good thing it wasn't snowing too. They had enough of that yesterday. As for food, now that they had one less mouth to feed, they should be good for a while. After a while, Mina looked up at Jamie who was taller than her. "Mister Larson?" She timidly asked. Even after them spending time together, she was still referring him by his last name. It wasn't just a sign of respect, it was just how she spoke. "Should we start looking for shelter?" It wasn't that it was getting dark. It was more because she was getting hungry. She lost appetite when Ziggy took her own life but now, hunger was getting the best of her.

She tightening her grip of Jamie's arm. It was instincts, just a way to get more heat and comfort. She wasn't cold but she felt much safer with him by her side. Two days ago, she gave him the gun. She felt that he would look more convincing that herself holding it. She would most of the time look in front of her but she couldn't resist looking at the man next to her. Just seeing his face was enough for her to feel safer, much safer. Even if it could be an illusion, that illusion was enough for her. She was weak and certainly not brave. Not enough for her own taste. He on the other hand? She sure liked to believe that he was much, much stronger than she was.

"I think we can go further too." Mina said softly while looking up at the nurse. She smiled at him and then went back to looking back to the ground and the footsteps they were leaving on the ground. She would then turn her head to the right to look behind her. Her footsteps were much smaller than his, and it was funny seeing them so close to each others. That simple image made her laugh bit, just a small bit but it was enough to make her somehow happier.

"Mister Larson?" Mina released his arm and made her way in front of him and start moving backward while smiling at him. "Could we take a short break?" She asked tilting her head on one side. She looked around her, most everything was covered in snow but there were a small bus stop that had a small bench in it. She pointed at that bench and stop walking for a moment. "Shall we take a quick rest?"
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