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OOC Name: Lizja
Character Age: 26
Time Zone: -5
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Nickname: None that she's aware of?
Hometown: Spring Creek, Nevada
Equipment: Amy's never been terribly concerned with looking "fashionable". Before the world went to hell, her style could be best described as business casual. Now, nothing much has changed, though she considers herself very fortunate when she's able to wear clean clothing, regardless of what it is.

Typically, she wears her hair up in a ponytail or a bun to keep it out of her face. It's just easier that way.
History: Amy Simpson was born into a family that was already pretty full. After two boys, her parents were ecstatic to meet the newest addition. Her mother was particularly pleased, because she'd finally have a little princess to spoil.

Amy had other ideas.

From the start, she was content to follow her brothers around. She idolized the older boys, and in turn, they doted on their baby sister. Growing up with older brothers affected her, and her time was spent running around and getting into trouble with them, rather than playing with dolls and having tea parties with her mother.

The one concession she made was learning to cook. There was just something amazing, and even a little magical, about taking a bunch of unrelated things and combining them to make something amazing.

Her weekends and summers were spent outside, more often than not. There was always something going on, and Amy was just glad to be a part of it all. Her father had always been the outdoorsy type and when the boys went camping, Amy always tagged along. And while she was more than happy to play various sports with the boys, her interest never quite went past a casual level.

She met Eric the summer before they started middle school. That is to say, she finally took notice of his existence. He'd always been there, but she'd somehow overlooked him up until that point. As a rule, she'd never really been that concerned with dating. Between school, and running around with her brothers and her friends, it just wasn't a concern.

She always took school seriously, and maintained an A - B average all the way up through high school. If you asked her, she couldn't tell you the exact moment when she realized she'd fallen in love with Eric. It was just one of those things that she knew she shouldn't question, because there was no point. Then again, their relationship had never been typical. What had started out as an awkward sort of friendship had gradually evolved into something else. It had been so natural that she hadn't even bothered to second-guess it.

After graduation (2014), she took a year off to relax and enjoy her freedom, as it were, before even thinking about college. When she did return to the world of academia, it was to enter CSN's (College of Southern Nevada's) culinary and pastry arts program. Eric was always supportive and loving, even when their schedules conflicted, and they always found a way to make things work despite sometimes being too busy to spend any actual time together.

Fast forward five years; Amy is working part-time in a diner owned by friends of the family, as well as scoping out other, more promising, opportunities. Somewhere along the line, Eric had landed in prison after one of his "deals" had gone south. She would have been more than happy to visit him, except for the fact that he refused to see her after the first time. When he finally got out, she confronted him about it. It took virtually no time for their little chat to dissolve into a shouting match, and then things got physical. When they awoke the next morning, things had seemed better. Talk of marriage was inevitable, and they ended up eloping, though they intended to have a "proper" ceremony later for friends and family.

When the virus hit, her world was flipped on its head. Her father (Jason) and youngest brother (Matthew) were the first to fall. In the ensuing chaos, she lost track of her mother (Lisa) and her other brother (Tim). As the world went to shit all around them, Amy and Eric decided to get the hell out of dodge.

They'd heard rumors of a safe place up in Canada, and it seemed like the best bet, so they packed up Eric's car and hit the road.
Skills/Flaws: Survival lvl 2 - summers and weekends spent camping, and doing other outdoorsy things with her father and brothers have given her a fair bit of knowledge in the subject.
Cooking lvl 2 - the one concession she made to follow in her mother's footsteps. Her mother was an excellent cook, just as her mother before her, and Amy has soaked up as much of that knowledge as she could.
+Useless Trivia lvl 9,001 - she's always been a big reader, and has accumulated a fair bit of knowledge (both useful and not-so-much).

-She's not the most patient individual. But really, who in their right mind would enjoy sitting around waiting for things to happen?
-She's mildly allergic to walnuts. If exposed, she'll break out into hives. Prolonged exposure will lead to nasal congestion and watery eyes.
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Amy Porter


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Sep 7 2015, 02:59 AM
Is it always going to be so... bleak?

This was their life now. How long had they been driving, anyway? Amy couldn't honestly remember. The days and nights had a way of blending together now that they really had nowhere specific to be. She'd always taken great pride in being on top of these things. Nowadays, though, she counted it as a win if they were able to make it through the night.

Eric's car was nice, and it was a comfortable ride, but she couldn't help feeling slightly pessimistic about the whole thing. Sooner or later, something was going to happen. This wasn't some random need for more adventure or whatever, but she was trying to be a realist. She'd seen her fair share of these survival horror type movies. Something always happened. That was just the way things worked.

For the most part, she let him drive. It was his car, so it seemed the natural thing to do. Their days were spent on the road, and their nights were spent planning and preparing for the next day. It was all beginning to blur into one big cycle of monotony, and Amy wasn't sure how much more she could take it. She knew he had to be feeling it, too.

Something's gotta give.

She had yet to bring it up. For some reason, she got the feeling that bringing it up just now might not be the best idea. Perhaps it would be wise to wait until they'd stopped for the night. Yea, that seemed like a good idea.

That didn't leave a lot of things to talk about, though. Fortunately, they'd never been one of those couples that felt the need to fill every little silence. They'd been together long enough to just know when something was off. No amount of talking would beat that.

They still had the option of trying the radio, but the odds of actually getting a working station were pretty slim, as far as she'd seen. If nothing else, she still had her phone. Wifi was a thing of the past now, but she'd loaded it with music, so there was that if they got desperate for music. Personally, she was hoping that they never got that bored.

For now, she was content to lean back in her seat and listen to the familiar sound of Eric griping about the road, the smooth sound of the engine. If she wasn't careful, she was going to nod off again, and she really didn't want that.

It was too late to nap.
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