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Title/Catch Phrase: Time to Have Fun
OOC Name: Eizer
Character Age: 28
Time Zone: GMT -5 Eastern
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Nickname: Lil' Wei
Hometown: Québec City, Québec
Equipment: Wears:
Fleece-Line Trim Faux-Leather Jacket
Layer-Placket Hooded Jacket
Buttoned Straight-Leg Pants
Henley Tank Top
Zip-Side Ankle Boots
Long Acrylic Scarf
Square Sunglasses
Pair of leather gloves
Eco-Drive citizen silver Watch.
Silver curved butterfly knife in side pocket.
Flask with rum inside jacket pocket.
Glock 17 with holster.
Black Leather briefcase.

In briefcase:
Three empty flasks.
Mini first aid kit.

At Home:
Three piece black suit with matching pants.
Three ties with silver clip.
History: Wei Fei was born in Québec City from two Chinese immigrants from Hong Kong. His father, Tian Jun Leung was a drug lord in the area in a gang known as The Pact and his mother, Wong Ji Yi had passed away when he was quite young. His father only knew the life of organized crime and thus, his son had to learn to live the ins and out of the business. With his "family", Wei grew up as a delivery boy at first then after few years, became an enforcer.

Wei, nicknamed Lil' Wei for being the youngest of the gang, was being trained to be the successor to his father and made some enemies with the law doing his business. Fortunately for him, they had a very good lawyer that keep him away from prison but that didn't protect him from enemies within the group and other Canadian gangs. Men and women that wanted and needed drugs.

Wei learned to look good from his father. It was all part of having a good reputation both in front of the troops, and in the public eye. He wasn’t always clean as he had to do the dirty work in order to build a rep. Wei did learn to properly use a knife when he was an enforcer as he had to "show them who's the boss". It took him few more years to really have strong members that stayed together like blood brothers.

Under his father orders, Wei, at the age of 23, left his hometown of Québec to go to Vancouver to hoping to expand their empire. Alongside few of his own, Wei started slowly to build a small operation of bulk paramedicals shipped in from China within the large city.

When the government fell Wei tried to keep his empire going, however, everyone had the same idea and Wei found himself alone without his father and other powerful allies. Wei decided to make a new life inside Crow Station. Only time knows if it will be on the right side of the law.
Skills/Flaws: Scavenging LVL 1
Area Knowledge LVL 1
Navigation LVL 1
Administration LVL 1
Guns LVL 1
Weapons LVL 2 (Knife)
Brawling LVL 2
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Dec 26 2015, 08:46 PM
It was a rainy day, a very rainy one. Usually, Wei would be sleeping and not going outside but someone knocked at his door. It was a soldier, it was easy to guess because he was in his army uniform and also that Wei actually worked with him in the past. He was also soaking wet. The ex drug lord was only in underwear when he opened the door but it didn't seemed to bother neither of the two. "Hey Brian." Wei said after waving at him and inviting the solider to come inside, which he politely refused. Instead, the two began talking about the weather outside for a moment. After a bit, the man in uniform asked Wei to get dressed and come with him. And Wei refused at first complaining well, about the weather. But then, the soldier simply stated that it was an order from whoever they have to report to. The Chinese man sighed heavily and told him to wait for him while he get dressed. He invited him to come inside once more but again, he refused.

Taking little time to chose what to wear, Wei went out with the soldier into the rain and into his Jeep. Poor guy most likely had to walk in such bad weather. "So we're working together today?" Wei asked as he started the engine. "No, we're not." Brian answered. And that respond made Wei a bit uneasy. Why would the army bother to send a guy to get him? Did he did something wrong? He was about to say something but Brian didn't give him the chance to do so. "You're going to work with someone else. And it's an order." And Wei sighed heavily upon hearing that. It wasn't because he had to work with someone. He just felt that they could have just assigned Brian to him instead. "Do I need to pick him?" The ex drug lord as he began driving.

"Her, it's a she." Brian corrected him. "She will be working with you today." Wei wasn't unhappy, having someone do meant that he had someone to talk to. But why in that weather? If they had to go scavenging, they could just wait until tomorrow. Both men entered the army camp after a short drive. The ex drug lord tried to guess who would be his partner today, there weren't a lot of ladies in the army right now. But again, he didn't know everyone. Parking his car next to the building the army used a headquarter, the two exited the vehicle and hurried into the building.

After complaining about the weather once more, this time with a small laugh, they walked into a small hallway and into one of the room. There, a another man, slightly older and bald, were waiting for them. They both saluted their superior and than took a seat. "We have received what sounded like a small distress signal from the radio coming from one of the mines inside the ring of mountains surrounding the town." He then paused to look at two men. Wei turned his attention to Brian and then to the bald man. "Wait, I thought that I would be working with someone? Where is she?" Wei asked.

And to this, the older man just pointed to the door behind them. There were a lady that just came in. Wei looked at her for a moment. He met that person before. It was Clare Barlow. After recognizing her, the Asian man waved at her with a smile. "I didn't knew you were with the army," He said to her. The bald man then invited her to sit down. "It's not the first signal we intercepted coming from there." He continued. "I want you two to go take a look at it. You are allowed to use force, if necessary." Wei opened his mouth to say something, well to complain that they could send someone else that him but his superior raised a hand to stop him. "You," he pointed at Wei. "Know the road to get there and you," Pointing at Clare, "Knows how to handle a gun very well."

"You two should make a good team."
And he paused to look at them. "You go there," he said while drawing circle on a map laid on the table in front of them. "Check if there's any human activity and report back to me. ASAP." And he paused again, slowly moving his attention to Wei ad then Clare. "Any questions?"
Sep 10 2015, 06:47 PM
Wei was quite happy today. He woke up super early to meet Chris with his recipe of goat water in hand. He was a terrible cook and even with a recipe, he wasn't much better. On the other hand, the butcher was far more competent than him. And the recipe was quite clear while neither of them even tasted what goat water was supposed to taste like. To get all the ingredients, Wei had to work extra hard to get everything they needed. However, he could not get the exact amount of everything but it was close enough. He would have loved it to be perfect but sadly, it was just out of reach for him,

None the less, they did cook and after a long while, they had that famous, or not, goat water in hand. After thanking Chris again and again, the ex drug lord plan was finally complete. Few days before, he went to that one farmhouse that still has power in it. It was the first time in months that he checked it but everything was still there and there were no sign of human activity inside it. Which was perfect! After hearing that Yuki wanted to go camping, Wei tried hard to find a tent and sleeping bags so he outright refused to go camping outside. It was just too dangerous anyway,

So what was the alternative? Indoor camping of course! He set all the mattresses in the living room, hung the bed sheets above it in a tent like fashion and even placed Christmas lights on it to make it look like stars. He could honestly admitted that he was pretty proud of himself. He even trade few stuff with the other member of the army to get some scented candles. He would normally avoid any kind of open flames but today, he could do an exception. Although now that he thought of it, candles under the tent could be potentially dangerous. Oh well, might has well use them while he had them.

He also went to see Nellie the day before so she could look after Snowflake for the day. It was going to be one of few times that both his girlfriend and him would be truly alone. Together alone. And maybe it was only their second date. Their first one would have been when they met, if you can count that as a date. He sure did.

So he had food, a tent, candles and a good day ahead. A day to remember he truly wished. And of course, he didn't tell Yuki that he was going to go on that surprise date with her. In fact, he only said that he didn't want to go camping and that he had to meet Chris when he woke up early because for a guy talk. All he really hoped that his girlfriend did not have something planned today. Crossing his fingers as he drove to toward the his little secret place. He would hid the pot of goat water inside the oven to hide it, not that he had to hide it but he did so anyway.

After making sure that everything was in place, Wei drove back to Crow Station with a smile on his face. The sun was just barely up now. As he arrived back home, the Chinese man parked the Jeep and took a deep breath. Oh boy, oh boy was he excited. He looked at the rear mirror to see if he looked alright and then exited the car to get into his apartment. He would do it very silently to not wake Yuki up.

He would go to their bedroom and then sit on the bed next to Yuki. She was beautiful even when she's sleeping. He watched her for a moment before kissing her on the cheek. "Hey honey," he softly whispered to her ear. "Wake up sleepyhead." He would then wait for her to wake up and then stand up. "Go get dressed, I need to show you something." He would then exit the room so she could get dressed in peace and then go to the kitchen to retrieve their last bottle of wine form the fridge and then hide it in a paper bag.

After waiting for her to be ready, Wei would go hug her and then ask her to come with him. "I know it's a bit early, love, but there's something important I need to tell you." He would then paused with a smile on his face. "Let's go for a drive, okay?" He wouldn't take no for an answer anyway. "Come on, I promise It isn't bad news." He would then open the door for her and go tot he Jeep. "It's a bit cold, eh?" It wasn't that cold, it was just morning.

After they would be both seated inside the car, Wei would start driving away from Crow Station and toward the farmhouse he set for this special day. He would hold Yuki's hand while driving. He did drive a bit slower to make her wonder where they were going. "Won't be long, it just a bit further ahead." After few minutes, they would arrived to the house and then invite her to get inside. Every lights, beside the ones in the living room, were down to make it look more grandiose. Wei would guide her into the living room and then turned around to see her face.

"Surprise." He would simply said with a huge smile on his face.
Aug 9 2015, 09:51 PM
It was finally spring and that meant that Wei had to go scavenging around. There were still a thin layer of snow on the ground but it was nothing compared to the few feet of snow they had during winter. Armed with a bit of rum inside his flask, the ex drug lord just got a new pair of sunglasses from his girlfriend's store and was ready to roll. Equipped with his trusty old map, he started making his way out of the little town of Crow Station inside his blue Jeep. The only thing missing was a bit of music but he didn't found any CDs that he liked enough. Most likely because he knew very little about music to begin with.

He began his run toward one of the closer farmhouses and went inside. He already raided this one before the winter but maybe someone took refuge in it during the harsh winter. The door was still broken and nothing changed inside. Oh well, next one. Wei went out, looked around and climbed back into his car and was ready to go again. He would do so for the next few houses with little to no results. There were one that had trace of activity but no one inside. They most probably got in for a night and out in the morning. Maybe it was better that way, he didn't have to face anyone.

It took him little under two hours to check everything he wanted to check today. He was pretty far from Crow Station right now and he was pretty close to the forests around it. He drove slowly and looked at the trees. There were mud on the ground and a clear trail large enough for a car to fit in. It must have been a place where people used to travel into woods for whatever reasons. Stopping the car next to the trail, Wei lowered his sunglasses and smiled. Maybe he should go there and test his Jeep. It could be fun. Could.

Removing the sunglasses, Wei threw them into the passenger seat and shifted to the four-wheels drive. He carefully drove at first, looking around to see if the trail was still drivable. So far so good, there were few branches but nothing his Jeep Wrangler couldn't handle. It was bumpy though, very bumpy. After few meters, the ex drug lord began driving a tad faster, just for fun. And it was fun! He felt the car rock from side to side but it was the nice kind of rocking. A bit of danger and fun too. He even started laughing by himself as the car made enough sound to wake up anything that was still sleeping or hibernating. Or both.

And he did that for a few minutes before stopping. There were a big fallen tree right in the trail, ending it. Darn, so much for having a bit of fun. Opening the door, Wei took back the sunglasses and jumped out of the car. He looked around his car and then the tree. Maybe he could lift it? Probably not, it was a pretty big one. He could try to just drive on it but he could get stuck midway. Too risky. Oh well, maybe it was time to go home.

Taking the flask that was in his jacket, Wei took a sip of the alcohol and then heard something moving nearby. It was most likely a wild animal, nothing to worry about. Right? The ex drug lord didn't even took the time to look around him and just looked above him instead. The sun getting through the naked branches of the trees making a nice scenery. And then, another sound nearby, some branches cracking under a weight.

This time, he looked to his right and saw, well nothing. Maybe he should check left instead...
Feb 11 2015, 10:18 PM
It was just another day, another scavenging run. Wei woke up, got dressed, kissed the girlfriend and went out. It was his third one in a week but he couldn't complain, it kept him busy and being busy was good. Boredom was such a bad friend. The ex drug lord cleaned the car the other day so that his girlfriend won't freak out about how he doesn't care about the status of the Jeep. It almost looked like new, almost. There were still that small dent on the steel bumper but it was barely noticeable.

Wei took his usual tools: crowbar, flashlight, a can of food if he gets hungry and a red sport bag he found in one of the abandoned house of Crow Station. With that, he had a Glock 9mm pistol with a full magazine, just in case. And also his trusty butterfly knife in his pocket. He looked at the map with various red Xs on it trying to decide which way to go this time around. He went south, east and west. Maybe it would be time to go north for a change.

Thus, Wei started the engine and drove north. It didn't take long to exit the small town and off he was toward the farmhouses. There were always a few "X"s of another color on the map where other people went to before giving him the map. He would have to drive a bit further away if he wants to find anything of value. And that was what he did, drive and drive. He was cruising rather fast today, After few minutes, he saw small droplets of water falling on his windshield. It was starting to rain but only softly, for now.

After driving for maybe less than half an hour, the ex drug lord finally found a farmhouse that wasn't "X"ed on his map. He stopped the engine and took the key outs and got out of the car after grabbing his sport bag with the crowbar and flashlight. He didn't lock the doors though, it wasn't like there would be someone else in the middle of nowhere right? He felt he soft rain falling on him as he got out. It was the first time he saw rain since coming to Crow Station and it felt good.

In fact, he stood there, in the rain for a few seconds before trying to go inside the farmhouse. It was locked but it didn't take long for the ex drug lord to open it with the crowbar and some well placed kicks. However, it made a fair amount of noise doing that so if there were anyone inside, they would have heard him coming. He took out his flashlight and took the first step inside the house with his crowbar in his other hand.

First, the living room; it was surprisingly clean as if someone were indeed living here. That made him feel a bit uneasy, what if there were really someone in here? He took a step closer toward the small table in front of a couch and found a very thin layer of dust on it when he passed a finger on it. Phew, that might mean that the owners of the house wasn't around anymore. To make sure, Wei went toward the large television and again, brushed his finger on the top of it. Dust. Perfect. He felt his heart beating slower now that he found that thin layer of dust on most objects in the living room.

After that, he found a small framed picture on the table. It looked like a family of a young man and a woman with a baby in her arms. Wei first thought that he would feel sad for them but no, he didn't feel that way. He did however wonder if they were still alive. After that, came the kitchen; it was also very clean but again, there were dust on the chairs and table. Everything was perfectly in place though, looks like whoever was living here didn't leave in a hurry. That also meant that he wouldn't find much in here. Darn.

He would still go check the other rooms though, might as well look everywhere before giving up. Wei decided to look upstairs and found the master bedroom. Again, everything was in place, the bed was made and everything was clean if it weren't for the thin layer of dust. The Chinese man sat on the bed and looked at the window. It was raining heavier now. He then took a few steps toward it and looked a his car. It was still there but then after a second, he saw another car driving toward the house.

Wei took a step back and hid himself in the corner of the window and felt his heart beating faster. He wasn't alone anymore. Closing his flashlight and putting it inside the bag with the crowbar, Wei took out his pistol and peeked outside. There were two of them, exiting the other car. Two men, with each a rifle in hand, or some sort of gun. He saw then walk toward his car and open the door to check inside. Crap, he couldn't go out by the front door and make a run for it. Not anymore. He did thought of going thru the back door and circle around the house hoping he wouldn't fin him.

A part of him did tell him to run but Wei closed his eyes for a minute and took a deep breath. They were probably looking of supplies as well. What to do? He might have to fight his way out. "Keep calm, Wei," he said to himself. "Keep calm." After looking inside the blue Jeep, the two men went inside the house and found the door broken. Oh crap, now they knows someone went inside before them. He just hoped that they were thinking that he wasn't alone.

But then, another thought came to his mind. It was raining and he shoes were a bit wet. If they were to look at the floor, they might see his footsteps to lead it right to the room upstairs. Darn, darn, darn. Wei was now pretty sure that he would have to fight. He could try to talk, but that didn't even cross his mind. It was flight or fight and he chose fight. Taking slow steps, Wei made his way out of the master bedroom and hid himself close the the staircase where they shouldn't be able to see him. He took deep breaths trying to calm himself. "You shot a man before, you can do it again" he though to himself.

It took about three minutes or so before hearing them talk. He wasn't entirely sure of what they were saying but he did hear the word: "Upstairs." Darn. Wei gripped his handgun with both hands and held his breath. He then heard the heavy footsteps of someone climbing the staircase. The ex drug lord then jolted away from it, and into the bedroom again causing a lot of noise. "Why did you do that, Wei!" He mentally screamed. It was his brain choosing flight after all. "Hey! There's something up here!" He heard coming from the staircase.

Crap, crap cap. That wasn't good, at all. Wei was now next the door frame, crouching and waiting. He heard another guy going up the staircase and then footsteps coming toward the room. He could die here. It wasn't like the fights he had before where it were him and a gun and no real opposition. This time, he was outnumbered.

And then, he saw part of a boot crossing the door frame. And Wei shot the foot with his gun. He heard someone scream in pain and a gun dropping on the floor. Wei then stood up quickly and exited the door frame to aim at the man holding his foot in pain. The ex drug lord quickly grab his shirt and pulled closer and pulled the trigger twice on the man abdomen. Bang, bang! Blood began pouring onto the handgun and then Wei crouched down using the dead man as a shield. He heard the other man scream something and then shoot at him.

Fortunately for him, the man he just shot served as a good enough shield protecting form the bullets fired. Using him as a shield, he waited for it to stop shooting. If he wasn't dead from the shot he fired, he definitely was now. Wei then pushed the body away from him and stood up and took aim. He aimed for the body and shot and shot and shot and shot again. He saw the man fall down next to the staircase but he wasn't dead. Two of his shots landed away from the vital organs and two missed him but it was enough to make him fall in shock.

Wei stood there, holding the gun shaking from the adrenaline. He was still alive. The ex drug lord walked closer the to man next the staircase and aimed at his head. But he didn't pull the trigger. Why couldn't he pull it? He saw the man gasping for air and his eyes pointing straight into the ceiling. Instead, he crouched down and with his gloved hand, he slowly inserted a finger into one of the bullet wound making the man scream in pain.

He then realized that he might have shot someone from Crow Station. Darn, darn darn. He shot without even thinking that it could have been anyone. Wei started to panic. "Where are you from?" He asked after removing his finger from the wound. "Where are you from?" He asked again this time louder. The man was coughing and tried to reach for his gun that was next to him on the floor. Wei kicked the gun away down into the staircase and grabbed the man on his collar. "Where are you from? Crow Station?"

It took him few second for the man to shook his head. Wei felt a huge weight fall off his shoulders. He didn't kill soldiers from Crow Station. "Tell me where and I might let you live." But he got no answer. Wei sighed and then inserted his finger again in the same bullet wound making the poor man spasm. "I have all day, and you don't so tell me where." He then saw the man closing an opening his eyes, he was losing him. Gritting his teeth, Wei pushed the finger further into the wound make the other man scream again. "Where!" he shouted.

"Van-" The man said to the ex drug lord. "Van..." And that was all he could get from the man as he felt unconscious. Wei know knew where they were from, there weren't a lot of place that starts in "Van" around here. So there were still survivors from Vancouver and they were ready to come that close to Crow Station? However, he did the terrible mistake of killing them, well one of the them. They could have been there to help him and he just shot them like an idiot.

Using the man shirt, Wei cleaned the tip of his Glock on it and holstered it on the back of his pants. Using his knife, the Chinese man stabbed the guy in the heart to finish him. He saw the man spasm for a moment before stop moving. He twisted the knife and then took it off only to use the man shirt to clean it before putting it back into his pocket. He then did the same with his leather gloves, wiping he blood away the cleaner part of his shirt. He then went to grab his sport bag and then got out of the room leaving their guns behind.

After that, he quickly went out of the farmhouse and into the rain. He then made his way toward the car the two men drove here and looked inside. The engine was still running and the door unlocked. Wei opened it and look inside. There were nothing in it, nothing at all. Cursing out loud, Wei slammed the door closed and punched it in anger. He just killed two guys that were maybe just traveling around trying to survive. What is he gonna tell Captain Doyle?

As he was about to give up and go home, he heard something from inside the car. He quickly made his way back to the front of the car and saw that there was radio there. "Brad, come in," the radio said. "Brad? Brad, come in." With a shaky hand, Wei clicked on the radio to talk but didn't say anything. "Brad? We found someone that could be from Crow Station and Boss want you to go get him. Dead or Alive." Wei eyes widened in surprise and quickly removed his finger form the talk button. So maybe they were so innocent. Now he had to report to Captain Doyle.

Wei jumped out of the car and ran to his Jeep and got inside. Starting the engine, the ex drug lord turned the car around and drove back to Crow Station as fast as he could.
Jan 21 2015, 12:11 AM
Wei entered the town of Crow Station and slowed down to make sure he wasn't gonna hit someone on the road. Again, it was quiet but last time it was quiet a pack of dog ran right in front of his car. He will not let that happen again. The air was also a little bit warmer here inside the town but it was hard to tell why. Not that he was going to complain, he did prefer warm over cold any day. The ex drug lord took a look at Nellie who minutes ago squeaked like an excited chew toy. He couldn't help to laugh upon hearing it.

In fact, he was still laughing a bit. He knew that saying shower would make her react but he didn't expect this. Wei only spent one day without a shower, on the day he came to Crow Station and went hiding in a clothing store rather than the motel. He still didn't know exactly why he did that but that was in the past now. On the other hand, if he didn't do that, he wouldn't have met Yuki. To be honest, it was pure luck but Wei wasn't going to question that.

"We're here," the ex drug lord said while pointing the apartment building just across the street. Wei drove to the parking lot, parked and turned the engine off. Now, he wasn't sure if his girlfriend was inside but there were only one made to find out. "Alright, it might be a bit awkward when we come in," he warned her with a low tone. "Don't worry, it won't be for long." Yes, they didn't talk much in the last three days but they were still a couple. At least that what he thought.

After saying that, Wei took the keys and jumped out of the car. He looked in the backseat to see if the cans were still there which, thank god, they still were. He was pretty sure that no one would go loot the car so he let them there for now. He didn't even took his bag, he would have to come back down and go report to Captain Doyle sooner or later. Upon lading on his feet, Wei slowly walked to the front door and opened the first one then unlocked the second one.

He then went to his unit in the basement and knocked twice before inserting the key into the lock. He didn't wait for anyone to answer and unlocked the door and opened it. "Honey?" He said out loud. "You there?' He then entered and removed his shoes regardless of an answer or not. "I got someone with me. She need a place to stay and a shower too." He hoped that his girlfriend will be okay with that. If not he would ask her later if she could give him the key of another unit and let Nellie shower in that one.
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