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Sep 21 2015, 03:07 AM
Sheriff, never came back from scouting trip...

Mayor, missing in action...

Captain Doyle, killed in motel collapse...

Woodwards, murdered and no one was every caught...

During the winter lack of leadership didn't seem much of a problem, everyone hunkered down and pulled together, but now that spring has sprung and summer is around the bend it's a huge game of "But who will plow the field?" and there's a lot of NOT I's! But we all know that in the fall it'll be "Who will help me eat the bread?" and everyone will be knocking on the door.

Not to mention winter kept Crow Station isolated, but the roads are clearing up and any number of strangers for good or bad can wander up the highway and into town.

So many issues, so little leadership. Now the REAL struggle beings, survival isn't enough.
Sep 6 2015, 11:27 PM
Fight! Fight! Fight!
It was a typical boring school day, as usual.

That was until a few names were called and an all-too cranky teen snapped.

What's better than a prison fight? A school fight.

Even better when the school janitor unsuspectingly gets socked in the process.
Jul 31 2015, 03:01 AM
A case of what hidden in the back storage room?

Expiration dates are for whiners, not bacon lovers.

Jul 17 2015, 02:51 AM
Whew! Made it through the winter, did you? Congrats! Not everyone did, and new challenges await you!

Around New Years the weather seems to start giving you all a break, and then too much of a break as the months blend into each other. Yes, it's the cherished tradion of Freezing!

It's when the days are warm, but the nights are still below the freezing point so everything that melted during the day... freezes up after 4 pm.

All sorts of blunders and boo boos abound in this type of weather. Not to mention as March rolls around the bears will start waking up, lean and mean, they are going to see the trash dump as the heaven of their beary lives.

Funnily enough though Spring is the hardest time of year, it's when everything you'd saved up for winter has run out, but nothing is planted yet, let alone had time to grow.

Someone somewhere is looking like the Donner party had the right plan, I'm sure.

May 18 2015, 02:46 PM
You have to pee, again

In fact, it's like you have to pee every ten minutes. The urge is great, the output little. And you've got a stitch in your side that just won't go away. In fact, it's getting worse, and spreading to the lower abdomen and groin

This is not good.
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