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Born: 15 June 1986
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Title/Catch Phrase: Gorgeous, not cocky!
OOC Name: Molly
Character Age: 28
Time Zone: PST
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Hometown: Great Falls, Montana
Equipment: Clothing --
While he has tried to hold on to his uniform, over the months it has gotten pretty battered and rank, so his cammo jacket is the only original part left. However, he has had the chance to find khaki cargo-style pants, the pockets of which are put to good use. He wears black tee-shirts, his combat boots, a holster with a sheath for his knife as well as holster for his pistol. Over his short-cropped hair he wears a black 'booney' style hat and around his neck is a chain that holds his dog tags along with a simple cross that his sister gave him.

Equipment --

Glock 17 9mm semi-auto pistol with ammo
Glock P26 compact 9mm
Big-ass knife
Duct tape
Bed Roll
Personal kit with toothbrush/paste, shampoo, etc
Basic first aid kit
3 'C' cell Maglight
History: Born in Great Falls, Montana, Justus was the eldest child of Ellis Gibbs, a self-proclaimed 'Jack of all Trades, Master of None', as well as an alcoholic, lousy gambler and free-loader, and his wife, Christine, who has held many jobs, including waitress, receptionist, 911 call-taker and store clerk. His early childhood was rough, his father was rarely present and took little interest in the kids, except to order them around and mete out discipline, very harshly at times. At a young age he took on the responsibility of trying to take care of his family and started taking jobs mowing lawns, painting, doing whatever he could to help his mom out. When he was ten, his dad walked out on them, and Justus assumed the role of 'man of the house' as well as he could, although he was still a kid and mischievous, playing pranks. Some of those, against his siblings, or people he liked were just silly fun, but if he didn't like the victim, he could be creatively brutal.

He did all right in high school, although his time was divided between homework, odd jobs, play and dating. He was often badgered about his mom's jobs or his dad being a flake, but he would retaliate, mostly with off-the-wall pranks, but he wasn't against resorting to fighting if it came to that. He also stood up for his younger siblings more than once, and soon earned a reputation that he wasn't to be messed with.

In his junior year he took Auto Shop and found a passion in working on cars, and a mentor in the teacher, who tried to at least temper his wild ways. When he graduated, he took a job in an auto repair shop and was doing well with that, able to contribute substantially to the family when fate intervened.

His sister, Dakota, just over a year younger than he, was studying to be a sign language interpreter, and was serving an internship in New York at the World Trade Center...and was there September 11, 2001, just a few days past her 20th birthday. When news came to the family, Justus borrowed money to get to New York, where he helped in the search efforts, sadly in vain, for nothing of Dakota was ever found. Once the rescue effort became recovery, he joined the US Army. Two years later, his mother and brother were killed in a car accident.

At first it was difficult for him to conform to the structure of military life, but he soon grew to like it, and settled in. He quickly advanced up to Staff Sergent, but never advanced beyond that. While it couldn't really be proved, his superiors knew that he was responsible for many of the pranks that seemed to follow him, and he even admitted to a few when it looked like others were going to be blamed.

His service included tours in Afghanistan, Germany, Georgia and Iraq, where he was in charge of a security detachment to a group of geeks playing with weapons research. When the outbreak hit, he was assigned to Fort Lewis, and he was with a group that was sent to Seattle to help maintain order. In the subsequent weeks, the city was overrun and the platoon was forced to retreat, and the few who were left tried to make their way back to camp. When they got there, though, it had been evacuated, or deserted, so they moved on.

Over the months, all of Justus 's teammates have been killed, or gone their own way, and the groups he's been with have moved on or scattered. He isn't sure what he is looking for, but Justus has continued to move north, following rumors of a place where survivors are gathering....
Skills/Flaws: Skills --

Hand-to-hand fighting, learned as a kid getting into fights, honed in the Military
Sleight-of-hand magic, learned to entertain his siblings
Marksman, a natural skill, honed in the Military
Auto mechanic, learned in high school, early career
Outdoor skill, leaned in Boy Scouts

Flaws --
Mildly dyslexic
Left leg is weak from an old injury
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Justus Gibbs


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Jul 18 2015, 08:48 PM
Things between him and Clare had reached an uncomfortable least to Justus, but he wanted more...wanted to be at ease around her and be able to joke and stuff and not feel like that anything he said or did was going to be taken wrong and blow up in his face.

So, he needed to talk to someone, and the only someone he could think of at the moment was Nellie. Sure, she was young, but she seemed to be smart, she was a gal, and she wouldn't blab to Clare that he was looking for advice...and that wasn't a jab at her silence, even if she did talk, he was sure she wouldn't...if that made sense!

Bearing a gift pack or Oreos he'd found, he headed to her place, knocking politely then trying to gather his thoughts as he waited.
Jun 5 2015, 07:19 PM
It had been a hectic couple of days getting to Crow Station and settling in. And while he and Clare had stayed together until they got to the town, it had seemed to be uneasy, and he wasn't sure what the deal was, so he didn't push it. Sure, they were companionable, but he still wasn't sure if she was mad at him or hated him, or...well, he wasn't sure and he wasn't about to ask!

Now, he stepped into the apartment he'd (they'd) been assigned, wondering if she was still going to share with him. But as soon as he was in the front door, he hesitated. The place was small, really small. This could be interesting.

Oh, and was that jack-a-lope antlers on the wall! Clare would love that!

Justus dropped his pack on the floor, chuckling to himself as he wandered through the place, a tour that took all of two minutes. There were two bedrooms, and he was more than willing to take the first and leave the 'nicer' one to Clare, should she decide to join him.

Still chuckling, he headed to check out the kitchen and bath, trying to decide what to do next, how to 'settle in'. And yeah, the place wasn't grand, but it beat camping in the open!
Mar 5 2015, 02:59 AM
It had been, Justus thought, one of the best night's sleep that he'd gotten in a very long time. While the loft of the old barn didn't have a 'real' bed, the nest that he'd fashioned out of blankets and hay had been plenty comfortable, and with a full, happy belly he had fallen asleep almost immediately and hadn't awakened until a rooster below them had decided it was time.

Grumbling, he pulled the blanket over his head -- what harm could another hour...or three... of sleep do? -- then finally sat and stretched.

"Hey!" he called to his companion, gently nudging her with his toe, "ya wanna feed th' chickens or milk cows?"

Mucking would come later!
Jan 24 2015, 01:54 AM
I'm gonna be going on a cruise, leaving Jan 31 - Feb. 12....well, part of that is cruise to the Yucatan, the other part is Disney World!

I'll have some limited access, so I may get a post in here and there...

Dec 12 2014, 06:47 PM
Ladies! It's your lucky day!

That's right, I'm headed your way, and whether you're looking for love, lust, loyalty or just some eye candy, I'm your man!

Seriously, I'm a good guy, doing what I can to help out where I can. I try to be friendly -- no sense in making things worse by causing trouble, right? But I don't deal well with idiots or mean is bad enough as it is, and while I understand the need to survive, you still need to hold on to yourself, right?

So if you see me on the road, give it a chance and say, 'Hi!'. Just don't run me over!

I'm Molly, been writing stories since I can remember, been role playing for...well, a long time, over 20 years, and I love the interaction and back-and-forth play with other writers. Keeps things interesting! I'm a paramedic and work 12 hour shifts the first half of the week, so I might only get in a post here and there, but last half the week I'm around quite a bit. Looking forward to playing here!
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