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Title/Catch Phrase: "Geronimo!"
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Nickname: Li-Li
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
Equipment: Her hair is usually worn up in a bun or a ponytail. She tends to wear more comfortable clothes, particularly now that the world has gone to hell and there aren't any opportunities to go shopping. It's odd to catch her without, at least, a needle and thread on her person. Occasionally, she carries her knitting needles in a pocket.
History: Li is the only currently living child of Ken and Mai Matsuno. She had a brother who was two years older, but there was a car accident and he didn't survive. The doctors told Mai she likely wouldn't be able to have any more children, and then two years later they were having Liang, so clearly that was a bit of misinformation.

As was expected, they doted on their little "miracle baby", and both parents were determined that she would want for nothing. Ken's job at an advertising firm provided more than enough to ensure that they all lived comfortably, and Mai's knack for crafting pretty much guaranteed an extra cushion of income in case they ever needed it.

Liang was, from the start, an inquisitive child. Her days were mostly spent tagging along after her mother and soaking up all the random knowledge the older woman was able and willing to pass along. When she was old enough, Mai sat the small girl down and taught her how to sew, and how to knit. At the time, it was just a fun way to spend time with her mother, but as time passed it became something of a passion of hers.

She was never particularly academically inclined, but the drive to do her absolute best in school, and to make her parents proud probably made up for that. By the time she was set to start primary school, she was helping her mother around the house, and tending to the modest garden the family kept. Her grades were never spectacular, but she still found ways to make her parents proud.

By the time her final year of senior high school rolled around, she was starting to think seriously about what she might want to do with her life. By chance, she overheard a couple of her teachers talking about an exchange program, and decided that, if nothing else, it might look good on a future resume. Naturally, she signed up and was pleased to learn that she was accepted into the program.

Her parents were a little wary about sending their youngest child to a foreign country, but she was quick to assure them that it wouldn't be forever. To help ease their worries, she agreed to take a self-defense course, and she agreed to call them every few days, as well as write them every week. It seemed a tad excessive to her, but she was willing to do this one little thing for them because she loved them.

The next year was pretty uneventful. She learned that the Walkers, the family she would be staying with, were sending their son to Tokyo in her place. He was a year younger, which she found a bit interesting, but that wasn't all that surprising. They also lived in Seattle, which sounded exciting. She'd done a bit of research before hand, and was looking forward to seeing the sights. Fortunately, Kevin and Linda seemed to be the easy-going type. They were willing to work with her as she adjusted to her new surroundings.

She stuck out at her new school, but she never let that sort of thing get to her. Li found it easy to make friends, but for the most part she devoted a lot of her time to studying and seeing everything there was to see of this new city. True to her word, she kept in consistent contact with her parents, and took a great deal of pride in updating them on her progress. Roger, the boy she'd swapped places with, seemed pretty interesting, too.

Christmas and the New Year came in with a bang, in more ways than one. By the time people seemed to realize what was happening, it was already too late. Liang and her temporary family could only watch and wait as people all around them began to fall ill. Just when it seemed like things were settling down, Linda got sick. Things fell into chaos not long after that. By the time there was talk of evacuation, Linda had succumbed to the mystery virus. Not wanting to stick around, Kevin and Liang packed up as much as they could fit into his pick up and bid Seattle goodbye.

It was rough going at first, as they were still grieving Linda. In addition to that, Liang hadn't been able to reach her parents (or anyone else, for that matter), and fear of the unknown was starting to get to her. Were they still alive, or had this mystery thing gotten them, too? And what about Roger?

They eventually made it to Crow Station, and now they've just been trying to make sense of this new world.
Skills/Flaws: Crafting lvl 2 - Liang's mother taught her to sew (and to knit), and she takes great pride in how much she's improved since then.
Farming lvl 1 - She's always had a green thumb.
Self Defense lvl 1 - She took a self defense course before leaving Tokyo.


-She tends to talk a lot when she's nervous about something. Like... a LOT.
-She's fairly quick to anger when someone pushes her buttons, and almost as quick to forgive.
-She can be a bit naive about some things, due to her upbringing.
-She becomes easily attached to people, and tends to feel slighted when they spend more time with other people.
-Liang has a slight obsessive personality, though this usually only applies to hobbies. When she finds something she enjoys, she finds herself fixating on the thing, sometimes to the detriment of most other things.
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