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 Posted: Jun 6 2014, 07:41 PM

Written by Rook
The Plague Doctor
-9 GMT
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There are specific FAQs for different areas, such as the city itself, and below are general questions.

I can't find the town/lake on the map!?!

Both are fictional, but if you are trying to map it out then please find Hope, BC on a map. You'll see Route 1, that's the Alcan Hwy. Crow Station is offset from Route 1 somewhere between Hope and Boston Bar (north of Hope). Our story says that the highway used to be closer, and bring in business, but moved when it was renovated in the 80's. A power company, hoping to sell Waste Power Plants chose the town for a test site, which is why they have power, from their own 'green' plant that runs on trash.

What is the rating?

Language 2: Swearing is generally permitted. However, the language cannot be used to severely abuse.

Sexual Content 2: Sexual content is permitted. References and writing about genitalia and sex acts are permitted, but explicit detail is not. Fade to black, or mature tagging are recommended.

Violence 2: Graphic violence is permitted. Explicit description or in-game narration violence is allowed.

If you are very unsure check out the TOS snippet here.

Why can't I use doHTML on RP posts?

You can use doHTML codes everywhere BUT RP posts and the reason is readability. Many doHTML fonts are very small, require scroll, etc. Both the admin, who read through a lot of the posts, have issues with readablity and so have leveled the 'playing' field for everyone.

There is, however, a built in template you can use if you like. For a black bar title such as above, use the TitleBar button. If you want no formatting at all, or if the built in interferes with your templates in other parts of the board, hit the NoTemplete button at the beginning of your post.

How do I use the Mini-profile?

When you joined some of the questions were asked right then, which either didn't apply because it was your OOC account or you didn't know yet because you were still working on your character.

To add in information later simply go to My Controls (top of page), then halfway down on the left of that page you'll see "Edit Profile Info".

How do I link accounts?

-Create an OOC account (like the one I'm posting with now: Rook)
-Create a Character account, and do all the fun character things with it like making an avvie.
-Log out of the character account, and back into your OOC account.
-Back to the Control Panel, then "Edit Sub-Accounts"
-Type the name of the Character account and the Character account's password into the boxes, then Link Accounts

BONUS: Use the drop down menu from your OOC account to post as the correct user under the posting box. If you mess up, use FULL EDIT and it can be corrected that easy! All the correct post counts will go to the correct Character accounts that way.

What's this about skill points?
In an effort to keep a balanced board character wise a selection of skills and skill levels has been put into the shop. At creation you are given a set number of points, and as you post you can earn more. These points are used to buy skills or upgrade them.
-1 point per IC post
-2 points per IC thread start
-3 points when your IC thread reaches six or more posts
-3 points for a referral to the board that makes 5 or more IC posts
-Good conduct and event rewards vary

Questions and suggestions are welcome and appreciated, please, just reply below!
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