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 City Map and FAQs
 Posted: Jun 6 2014, 09:03 PM

Written by Rook
The Plague Doctor
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Crow Station is a fictional small town set in British Columbia, Canada on the banks of Qamani'tuaq Lake.

Population at the last census was 5,533 with the main economy of the town and the surrounding areas based on agriculture. There are numerous orchards within the town limits and a few grape vineyards who are struggling to break into the wine market. Fishing and hunting are not only recreational, but for subsistence as well.

During Crow Station's heyday as a mining town, there were numerous saloons, restaurants, shops and a drive in movie theater. Today the town's economy is depressed with a nearly 30% poverty rate and a median household income of only $22,000.

Just a few years ago a Norwegian company, hoping to win over the Canadian market, chose Crow Station as the site of a waste to energy power plant as it had water access as well as road access to the surrounding towns and villages. The plant provides energy to the town and outlaying farms as well as takes in waste.

This climatic region is typified by large seasonal temperature differences, with warm to hot (and often humid) summers and cold (sometimes severely cold) winters.

Fun Things:
Miners and Trappers Fair and Ball last weekend of February
Apple Blossom Festival in last weekend of April
Garlic Festival in first weekend of September
Tree Lighting Dec 1st

Where is Crow Station and Qamani'tuaq Lake? I can't find it on a map...

The setting is fictional so we don't step on any toes. "Crow Station" is slang for death, and Qamani'tuaq is Inuit for "where the river widens".

Why was Crow Station chosen as a haven?

Because of its remote setting, availability of water and food, and the fact that it is not dependent on the power grid or petroleum products for it's power source made Crow Station a back up plan for the larger military run sites. Those larger sites have all gone silent, but Crow Station is still limping along.

How are survivors finding Crow Station?

After establishing Crow Station as a refugee center, the military set up an emergency broadcast transmission detailing the coordinates of the town. Anyone with a radio or two-way receiver can pick up this signal. While much of the transmission is undecipherable due to static, the name of the town, and a few pieces of the actual coordinates are still clear.

Who is in charge of Crow Station?

The mayor is the acting head of Crow Station. So far, no one has complained or asked for change. If necessary, a city council will be formed.

The sheriff controls the law, but how long that will last is unknown.

The U.N. had a joint effort for the refugee center, but now only an American captain remains as the military presence.

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