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 Where the dead dwell, Setting
 Posted: Jun 5 2014, 11:47 PM

Written by Rook
The Plague Doctor
-9 GMT
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The country is littered with the dead.

They lay in their homes, in the streets, forever stuck in their cars in traffic jams that last for hundreds of miles...Feral beasts roam, and nature quickly creeps in to cover the remains of humanity. The unburied dead rot, and stink, vermin run riot, and many people fall into their most basic aspects...

Areas of Play:

Crow Station is a fictional small town set in British Columbia, Canada on the banks of fictional Qamani'tuaq Lake, and the 'safe haven' for the West Coast. It is the main gathering point of the RP.

(This area is for the people who like the small town feel of a "Cozy Catastrophe". The End of the World as We Know It has arrived and ... our heroes feel fine. Sure, it's a pity for all those billions who just perished at the hands of super-plague. But for our heroes, it means a chance to quit their day job, steal without feeling guilty, sleep in a motel for free, and relax while the world falls apart around them. Maybe things weren't as good as they were, but all in all, life can still be enjoyable with some luck, charm or hard work.)

However, the entire West Coast is open for RP, because getting to Crow Station is half the battle.

(This area is for the people who long for the gritty, harsh, and realistic side of The End of the World as We Know it. It is a horrible setting where the pessimistic notion of "anything that can go wrong will go horribly wrong" almost always applies, and it corrupts its inhabitants into perpetuating that nastiness against each other.)

There is also a section for those who struggle alone, before meeting up for others, and flash backs to the past, before the Last Great Plague fell.

Please see the Mayhem thread pinned to the top of each sub-forum for AREA WIDE Mayhem such as the earthquake in Napa Valley and the power plant leaking into the Columbia River, and Mayhem's forum for past updates that may still affect your character (such as gangs). I'm made them very short (about 150 words or so) so it's not a big read to add some flavor to your RP.

UPDATE: The Seattle/Vancouver area is run by packs of gangs. The city of Vancouver, WA has been burnt to the ground. An earthquake on the West Coast had destroyed many buildings and roadways/bridges as well as cracked the Columbia River Nuclear Plant, which is sending nuclear waste into the river and a radius around it.

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