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 Skill Points Explained
 Posted: Jun 10 2014, 03:17 PM

Written by Rook
The Plague Doctor
-9 GMT
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Skills Points & How to Use Them

When you apply you are given a set number of skill points to spend as you like on skills from the shop for your character. This is experimental and we hope it will lead to a balanced board, so feedback is welcome!

PLEASE NOTE: There are nearly 100 skills you can choose from, but the NEXT button on the bottom of the page is hard to see, but worth it! (Trying to fix that bit of code breaks other parts majorly, sorry!)

-You don't have to spend all your points at once, but RP learning a new skill please, in some way.

-If you buy a higher level, it's assumed you know the lower levels automatically (a doctor, for example, would know first aid).

-EXCEPTIONS: Weapons skill (not guns) are three different skill sets: Lvl 1 is clubbing items, lvl 2 is bladed items, lvl 3 is projectile items (such as bows).

-Sadly skills do not auto fill on to your profile, so please list them manually into your skill section. You can make it more conversational though rather than a straight list. Such as "Old age, tart tongue, culinary lvl 2, gathering lvl 1 and food preservation, beekeeping, and farming (gardener level)" Alice Woodward

Earn more points by:
  • Posting-1 Pt.
  • Beginning threads -2 Pt.
  • Recruiting new members who post at least five times IC -5 Pt.
  • Thread that goes beyond six IC posts-3 pt.
  • Participating in Events - Varied
  • Good conduct rewards -Varied

To purchase skills, after Character creation, simply click the SHOP button at the top left screen. Please note that Skills are at the hobby level or higher. It's a given that unless it's said otherwise that characters will have a basic high school education, read & write their native language, drive an automatic car and have some basic skills.

You can transfer your OOC account skills to one or more characters, however, once they are gone, they are gone, so spend them wisely.

Example: Nearly everyone knows what an apple or strawberry looks like, so it's not hard to pick that up. However, someone with the Gathering skill would know wild herbs, which mushrooms were poisonous etc.

Another example: If you buy the Emergency Medical has three levels: Level one is general first aid, level two is nurse/EMT/PA level, and level three is fully qualified medical doctor.

Skill resets: If you discover "Dang, I shoulda..." Well, you still can. Just sell back your current skills to the store (at 50%) and buy new ones.

Skill upgrades: If you want to go from lvl 1 in something to lvl 2 SELL BACK the lvl skill and THEN BUY the lvl 2!
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