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 The Grand Scheme of Things, Plot
 Posted: Jun 6 2014, 12:15 AM

Written by Rook
The Plague Doctor
-9 GMT
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Most people don't know why they died; they only knew they were hacking up blood and drowning in their own fluids. (Known Timeline.)

They didn't know that a pharmaceutical company had chosen profits over consequence when they had in their hands a lab-grown pneumatic plague, the treatment, and even a vaccine. If the disease was released in some small out of the way place, and the media stirred up over it, the cure would bank millions, the vaccine billions... acceptable cost of life would be a few thousand people no one really cared about...

Miahuatlan, Mexico was the unlucky winner. A city of extreme poverty and easily bribed officials it was also close enough to tourist haven Acapulco to stir up a flurry of media attention.

The flaw in the plan was the oldest foe man had: Mother Nature. The earthquake ripped down Miahuatlan like an old concert poster and Aid workers from all over the world rushed to help the victims... and took a good dose of plague home with them.

A worldwide pandemic was not within the budget of the company, so they shut their doors and hid to wait out the end of the world while everyone else fell.

Well, almost everyone.

Most people don't know why they lived; they only knew they were untouched by the plague as everyone around them fell.

They didn't know that the AB blood group simply didn't accept the virus, and they were left with the dead and little hope.

On the shortwave were static bursts of information: Safe havens could be found at...

West Coast survivors could either dig in where they were, or trudge through cities of the dead to get to them. The closest for the West Coast: Crow Station, BC.

UPDATE: The Seattle/Vancouver area is run by packs of gangs. The city of Vancouver, WA has been burnt to the ground. An earthquake on the West Coast had destroyed many buildings and roadways/bridges as well as cracked the Columbia River Nuclear Plant, which is sending nuclear waste into the river and a radius around it.

(This board is for the West Coast only, at this time. Survivors can be from anywhere, but should be on the West Coast of the North American continent at start of play.)
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