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 Timeline 2019 to the present
 Posted: Sep 18 2014, 02:44 PM

Written by Rook
The Plague Doctor
-9 GMT
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What is commonly known

Dec 2019: Miahuatlan, Mexico suffers an earthquake that nearly levels the city. Thousands of Mexican aid workers and hundreds of Red Cross, Doctors Without Boarders and other foreign aid workers also arrive on scene.

January 2020
: Many aid workers come down with a 'cold' which is attributed to the filthy dust of Miahuatlan; deaths recorded in Mexico are not attributed to plague.

Late January
: Several deaths are recorded in the US, Canada, England and Australia. Mostly among flight crew of supply planes to Miahuatlan. WHO (World Health Organization) traces the illness back to Mexico. Miahuatlan quarantined, but it's too late.

February: Death in the hundreds of thousands, martial law enacted in most major cities, boarders closed, schools closed, airports and seaports closed.

March: Burning of the bodies outside of Venice, Italy gets out of hand and much of the countryside goes up in flames. Looting becomes such a large problem, police and military fall back into 'safe zones'. Military bases in Russia overrun by civilians and looted.

: The tipping point is reached, and there are now more dead than living. Someone lets all the animals out of the San Diego Zoo, other zoos follow suit. PETA claims responsibility.

May: News is spotty, random radio stations still broadcasting, most are prerecorded and drop off as power fails.

UPDATE 01: Summer

June 4th 2020: 9.0 earthquake rocks Napa Valley, with far reaching results. Some can be seen immediately, like the collapse of major byways and highways, the flooding along the coastline..

Some, like the Columbia Generating Nuclear Station failing and leaking into the Columbia River, the damage of the Hoover Dam, and such will take a while to kick in. Meanwhile, in Arizona and New Mexico.. most of the cities are in flames.

August 23th, 2020: Town meeting calls for people to perform acts of 'common good' to claim houses that were abandoned or face eviction. Things such as assisting in town defense against possible raider threat brought up by Kenny, cleaning out nearby towns for supplies so said raiders can't, and training people. This was a followed by a town picnic and movie.

UPDATE 02: Fall

Sept. 11, 2020:

With winter nipping at their heels survivors have to decide to dig in or carry on. Supplies have to last, and further north snow is a huge concern. In Crow Station a raider has murdered two beloved residents in cold blood.

UPDATE 03: Winter

Oct. 2, 2020

Winter hits hard with a major storm front hitting the West Coast. Crow Station gets five feet of snow in 48 hours, and some areas further west get even more. This is the first of three major storms that will hit the area in the next month or so.

And here we are.. in the now.
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