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 Posted: Jun 6 2014, 12:30 AM

Written by Rook
The Plague Doctor
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site rules

1. Register with OOC name that you use in the Cbox as your ROOT account. All your character accounts will be linked to it. (See FAQs for how)

2. Graphics:

--Avatars 200w x 300h (other sizes may look odd in the mini-profile field).
--Max Signatures 500w x 400h.
--No nudity or graphic violence.
--No requirement for graphics other than those above.

3. Word Count: None. A good post is enough to give the other person something to respond to, but not so overwhelming they can't find the one thing they need to do the same for you.

4. Grammar/Spelling: We hope for proper capitalization, punctuation, and a general adherence to appropriate grammar for the past-tense third-person perspective.

5. Avoid god-modding, meta-playing and common RP misconduct.

--God-Modding is playing another person's character, including their reactions.
--Meta-playing is when your character acts on something the character doesn't know, but the writer does.
--Loopholing is when you say 'it's not in the rules' as an argument to validate your opinion.

6. If you are going to be absent for more than two weeks, please let us know. If you are absent with no word for three months from your last post/away message end date, your characters will be moved to the Graveyard. Just PM when you do return to make them active again, though plots would have moved on without you.

7. OOC harassment, disrespect and bullying will not be tolerated, whether it is directed at staff or non-staff players. Off-site is of course also discouraged but not exactly within the realm of the staffs scope (YIM, Twitter, etc).

8. The Cbox is for OOC chatter, plotting and tomfoolery. Begging, spamming, and harassment can result in loss of privileges in the Cbox. (This includes begging/harassing for posts, advertising other sites, and forms of heckling.)
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