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 How to Apply, New Profile Format
 Posted: Jun 6 2014, 02:51 AM

Written by Rook
The Plague Doctor
-9 GMT
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Where's the app?

Our application process is relatively new to the RP world: The Profile Application.

In short, your application is in your profile fields, so easy to access by staff and members, and easy to update for yourself!

First register with an OOC account and create a plot page to keep a record of your characters, plots, and threads.

When you register you will see a lot of options that don’t apply such as History, Skills, etc. and that you have store points. These are for step two: Character accounts!

Create a Character Account:

NOTE: The Mini profile only comfortably fits fourteen total characters for quotes, so bear that in mind, and the avatar is 200x300 to fit properly. Names can only be 24 characters, and that includes spaces.

1. Fill in the profile fields for Characters: Nicknames, Age, Hometown, Risk and Reward (optional), History, Skills and Equipment. You can do this when you register, or at any time you need to change or update stats via your control panel. Anything after a colon [:] will not show up, use dashes [-] instead. History section for unknown reason only accepts roughly 850 words, but you can be as long as you like in your plotter.

2 The Skill Points are explained HERE. And there are SEVERAL PAGES of them, but the 'next' button is rather faint, and not being a code guru I can't fix them without breaking other bits of the board.

3 Risk & Reward are explained HERE and is totally optional and random.

4. Reply in HERE to let us know when you have completed the application.

5. Link your account to your OOC account.

How do I link accounts?

-Create an OOC account (like the one I'm posting with now: Rook)
-Create a Character account and do all the fun character things with it like making an avvie.
-Log out of the character account, and back into your OOC account.
-Back to the Control Panel, then "Edit Sub-Accounts"
-Type the name of the Character account and the Character account's password into the boxes, then Link Accounts
-To update skills etc, use the top drop down box above the logo.
-To post, use the drop down box under the posting template
-To fix when you have posted under the wrong account (which I do frequently) go to edit, then FULL edit to get back to the drop down box again

Please refrain from posting on the forums IC until you receive an approval. You are welcome to enjoy our Cbox, or post in our OCC sections with your OOC account while waiting! We especially love introductions.

After you receive approval for your character, please post in Who Plays Whom, Risk and Reward, and Face Claims so we can update the claims lists. We delete posts after updating the list to keep things looking tidy.

Admin will answer any questions or concerns via PM as soon as possible.
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